Prananmaya Yoga Studio

Daily Yoga Classes 

June 2024

Notice: Please Kindly Pre Book the Session 

8 – 9 am Ashtanga Vinyasa 

9:30 -10:30 Hatha Yoga 

12 – 1 pm Yoga For Trekkers 

4:30 – 5:30 pm Hatha Vinyasa


Drop-In Rs  1000

Book Your Class with a Direct WhatsApp message or Call +977 9818148030

Private Yoga Rs 2500 / person

Daily Group Sound Therapy

2-3:15 group Yoga and Sound Healing @ Rs 2000 ( Offer till August 2024)

Private 60 Minutes Singing Bowl Therapy Rs 3500 Only 

All Levels Welcome! 

Kanchan Thagunna

Our Yoga Teacher 

Kanchan Singh Thagunna

Kanchan is a very friendly and well-experienced Yoga Teacher in Nepal who started his Yoga at the early age of 3! He has a long journey of Yoga. Kanchan Yoga and Pranamaya Yoga work together in collaboration now to provide the best Yoga experience in Nepal. Kanchan and Pranamaya Yoga Studio has a unique story in Nepal. Kanchan Deeply believes in the law of Karma and Guides Yoga practitioners based on his yoga experience of 5 bodies in which a soul travels.

Do not miss Kanchan to give him a try to take his unique Yoga experience with You forever! Even a single Class with Kanchan can change your whole philosophy of life and You may feel blessed.