Our Story



Pranamaya Yoga was started by a group of friends and well wishers in 2011 to practice yoga and form a sense of community in the constant hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. Despite the changes in share holding pattern, Pranamaya Yoga stays true to this claim.

Pranamaya follows the lineage of the Himalayan tradition of Swami Rama of the Himalayas. However, with a diverse group of teachers, Pranamaya is proud to offer different styles of modern day yoga practices and traditional classical yoga trainings at our studio in Thamel above Himalayan Java cafe. We also offer yoga retreats, workshops and teachers training programmes in different locations of our associates.

We believe that yoga includes ALL and excludes NONE. So if you are a beginner level student or an advanced level yoga practitioner your quest for authentic knowledge and practice is fulfilled here @ PRANAMAYA YOGA!

Himalayan Tradition​


The Himalayan Mountains have been the home of sages for millennia. These great sages lived and passed on knowledge of the yogic teachings to disciples who then became masters passing on the teachings in an unbroken lineage since the Vedic period.

The principal tenets and practices of all known systems of meditation are included in the Himalayan Yoga Tradition and, for the most part, these systems have arisen out of it. For example: Vipassana emphasizes breath awareness and Transcendental Meditation concentrates on repetition of the mantra, whereas most Hatha practitioners pay attention mainly to posture. The Himalayan meditator, however, learns to sit in the correct posture, relax fully, practice correct breathing, and then combine breath-awareness with the mantra.

The Tradition teaches specific methods of training the human mind. It awakens the energy called Consciousness into the meaning of one’s essential nature until one’s small, ego-centered personality and identification with the external are replaced by the knowledge of the Eternal Self – ever-pure, ever-wise, ever-free. The methods are scientific, systematic and internal, culminating in the mystery of initiation, and the direct conferring of the energy of Consciousness to disciples until they become Masters in their own right.​

Our Inspiration – Swami Rama


Swami Rama was a fully enlightened Master in the ancient Himalayan Lineage of yogis, who, in their high initiations, confer direct experience into the mystery of consciousness.

The yogis of our Lineage are the founders and the keepers of Shri-Vidya, the science from which radiate all paths of yoga and meditation.

Swami Rama’s deep love for the Himalayan Yoga Tradition was reflected in his life and his work. He contributed materially and spiritually to the lives of millions of people all over the world. In 1970, Swami Rama offered himself for experiments at the Menninger Foundation where modern science was used to confirm the ancient wisdom that a yogi can have amazing control of the autonomic nervous system.

Reports of this work have been documented in the numerious scientific journals such as World Book Science Annual 1974, the 1973 Encyclopedia Britannica Yearbook of Science, the Time-Life 1973 Nature Science Annual, and numerous other publications.

He was the first yogi to subject himself to modern scientific methods of testing his states of consciousness while at the highest level of meditation.

Swami Rama made significant contributions to science, philosophy and literature, including an inspiring account of his experiences with the great teachers who guided his spiritual development. Having reached the heights of spiritual enlightenment, he also strived with seeming endless energy to attain perfection in his actions in the external world. His life embodied the human potential to live in the world, yet remain above. His teachings and inspiration are the foundation of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition’s teachings.