If you are looking for a secluded, silent, one-on-one yoga practice with personal attention and utmost care private yoga lessons are ideal for you. 

Private classes are extremely beneficial for all types of yoga practitioners. Beginners to advanced level OR with specific needs. If you want to learn the systematic practice of asana, pranayama or meditation, it gives you an opportunity to spend a quality time and to learn and deepen your own practice under the guidance of experienced teacher. 

We offer private yoga classes at our studios as well as organise at your own place.

Private yoga lessons in your place : 

In a private yoga lessons at your place you save your time and energy from traveling to a distant yoga studio and practice yoga from the comfort of your home. It also give an ample time to teacher to customises your lessons based on your needs. 

To enrol for private lessons, please write to us :  [email protected]

+91-9837066998 (for whatsapp messages only)