Meet our Team

Anand Gurung

Founding Director

Anand’s family is closely associated and devoted to Swami Rama of the Himalayas. He has a great interest and inclination to promote authentic practices of yoga through pranamaya yoga studios.

With a major in Mechanical Engineering from Australia, he is a coffee enthusiast and very passionate about motorbikes and football. He is the co-owner of Himalayan Java coffee, a worldwide known brand for authentic Himalayan coffee.

Bhola Shanker Dabral

Managing Director, Director International Teaching Faculty

Bhola Shanker Dabral was born into the study of yoga, philosophy, sanskrit, and Ayurveda.  His family has been associated with the great saints of India for many generations, his father, a Sanskrit scholar and disciple of HH Swami Rama, his grandfather a master of Tantric Yoga and disciple of Shri Swami Rama Tirtha, a great Vedanta master of India. 

Bhola Shanker was initiated into the Himalayan Yoga Tradition at an early age and has lived a life of devoted service to the Lineage as student, teacher, business director, working closely and learning from Mahamandeleshwar Dr Swami Veda Bharati for more than 20 years.

He holds ERYT200 and RYT500 from Yoga Alliance USA and also a Master degree in Yoga Science from the Yoga university in India and now working on his PhD in Yoga Philosophy.  He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from the university of London, United Kingdom.

Bhola Shanker Dabral also served as Board of Directors of AHYMSIN(Association of Himalayan Yoga Meditation Societies, International) and Managining Trustee of Himalayan Yoga Publication Trust as well as Secretary of Dhyana Mandiram Trust, organisations established by Dr Swami Veda Bharati in Rishikesh, India.

He travels throughout SE Asia for yoga retreats and programmes. 

Resident Teachers


Yoga Instructor

Mayank has been teaching in SE Asia and India for the last coupple of years.  He was graduated from the very prestigouls Kaivalyadham yoga institute, Lonavala and did his Ashtanga yoga teachers training from Mysore. He also obtained certificates on Pranayama and yoga wellness from Morarji Desai Yoga Institute, Delhi before he started teaching internationally. He is primarly teaching Ashtanga, hatha and other multiple styles.

He is also a lead asana teacher/trainer for RYT 200 and RYT 500 teachers training in Rishikesh for several years where he teaches Ashtanga vinyasa and Hatha. He is also conducting workshops based on Ashtanga Vinyasa.

In his school days he extensively participated in Yoga championships and won Gold medal in XVII Delhi State Yoga Championship in 2002. He also Stood 3rd in the XXVII Delhi State Yoga Championship in 2003. 


Yoga Instructor

I have been a media professional for better part of the last decade and till very recently worked with a tech startup. My yoga journey began in 2017 and the mat instantly felt like home – a place where there are no pretences. The mat is where I build strength, of body and mind, and (most importantly!) have fun. 

Yoga has the power to transform self hate to self love, convert fear to fortitude, and turn resistance into acceptance.  

After experiencing the healing powers of yoga myself and experiencing the calm mindfulness it brings, I got certified as an Ashtanga instructor in Mysore. Now, I share the love and kindness that I have received over the past few years with others

Eka Septifana

Yoga Instructor

Eka began practicing yoga 10 years ago, while working in the finance sector in Indonesia. She was amazed by the profound experience, fell immediately in love with it, and has been a dedicated practitioner ever since. Through a mindful yoga practice, she has learned to stay centered and be present, allowing her to embrace life more fully with love, compassion and gratitude.

Eka is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor at the E-RYT 500 level in Hatha and Vinyasa. Her teaching is influenced by an alignment based approach. She enjoys challenging students and allowing each person to connect with themselves through a centered focus on alignment and a personal investigation of sensations, perception, feelings and thought patterns.


Yoga Instructor

Yoga has done lots of changes in my life since I started self practicing, after few years of body practice, part of me wants to know more about yoga as a lifestyle not just body Asanas; and that took me to Thailand seeking more about yoga and meditation. I had my first hatha Yoga teaching classes in Phuket, Thailand. After a year of journey in Thailand, universe brought me to India. There I’ve done 500hrs multistyle YTT in Rishikesh.

I have taught Ashtanga primary series in Beijing, China while I was studying traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture .

It’s been 2 years Since I’m sharing my experiences in different countries like Iran, Thailand, China, India and Nepal.

Yoga is about how you can connect to your body with inhalation and exhalation, And how it can be effective in our daily life, living in the moments.

Through practicing Asana we can reach to the miracle of breath and stillness.

That’s how I try to practice in my classes.

Rupesh Joshi

Yoga Instructor

As a young Nepali boy I grew up observing Hindu and Buddhist practices like ritual- worshipping, chanting mantras, meditating, bhajan – kirtan and satsang on a daily base but it was only in 2003 that I began to develop my own interest in Yoga and discovered yoga to be one of finest things to do in life. That’s when I decided to direct my path towards yoga and became a dedicated yoga teacher.

As far as my background I did an M.A in Buddhist studies and world religion and continued with an extensive study of Patanjali yoga sutra and textbooks of hatha yoga. Then I followed the Sivananda yoga school, a yoga and naturopathy training and started studying Sanskrit language to find a deeper meaning in the ancient texts.

With all these different kinds of experiences and practices in my life, I finally realized that Yoga can be accomplished every moment in life and that there is no limitation for yogic practices. I sensed more freedom in life after that.

Hope to meet you in class and share my teachings, hoping for you to find your own yoga


Yoga Instructor

Urmila has obtain her teachers training from Shivananda Yoga Vedanta center in India in 2016 and have started teaching Hatha Yoga in different yoga centers in Nepal. She teaches traditional Hatha Yoga from Shivandna tradition and are suitable to all levels of students.

Bhuwan Khatri

Yoga Instructor

Bhuwan’s spiritual journey started from the cremation ground of pasupatinath temple when he first met his Guru (Master) “Dr.Yogi Maharaj Isha Nath Aghori Baba”. The charismatic character of Isha Nath changes his life. He learned and experiences from yogi’s life style and environment.

The devotion in yoga and spiritual blessed him with scholarship for “Yoga Teacher Training” when He met him yoga teacher, Heather Elton in Isha Nath place. He got training physically, mentally and spiritually with the diverse knowledge and skills.

For Him, Yoga is being with own body, mind and breath to connect with soul where we experience infinite light and happiness. He believes “Everything is with us the light, smile and happiness .let’s connect with each other, and let’s make it more blissful and beautiful”. He loves to share his skills, knowledge and experience for the welfare of all being without any boundaries and limitation. He welcomes you all with deep respect and gratitude.


Yoga Instructor

Rajen grew up in both Nepal and the U.S. and has practiced yoga/mindfulness with his father his whole life. After spending years in and out of university and working in various fields, he decided to focus his time and energy on his yoga practice. He completed his 200-hour TTC from Yoga Alliance in Rishikesh, India in 2019 and is working to improve his practice as a yoga instructor. He plans to return to Rishikesh to complete his 300-hour TTC later this year.

Rajen’s background in yoga is in traditional Hatha. His teaching is based on mindfulness and focus as well as breath work, emphasizing on focusing the mind on the body and the moment. For him, yoga is more than just asana practice; it is a lifestyle. His approach centers on the idea that asana practice is a way to practice meditating in different postures, strengthening both the mind and body.