Not your Ordinary Trekking Experience 

Here at Pranamaya we aspire to offer exceptional service and quality teachers to our growing community of students. This year we are offering a new program called “yoga & trekking “

This not your ordinary trekking experience, this is a rare opportunity to look into the shared roots of Buddhism and yoga as a living lineage in nepal. This yoga adventure will be based in Kagbeni a village untouched by modern civilization where the busy pace of contemporary life fades into an expansive view of sky and mountain.

This program isn’t so much about a special trekking route, or accomplishing a summit or walking to a special destination. This program is more of a retreat. A pause on ones journey of life  where one can begin to see that “ the path is actually the goal!

If you have ever felt the call to retreat into the himalayan mountains and practice yoga and mediation with experienced teachers, they follow that little voice telling you to “ go for it !” This yoga journey is about discovery and growth.

The program will be based in old Tibetan Buddhist lodge that was once a place for pilgrims traveling through the mountains. Although the lodge is decked with wall paintings dating back centuries, the ambience is a mix of rustic and modern. The current owners have done an amazing job to restore this incredibly historic building while maintaining its rustic charm. I’m certain you will love this lodge.

Yoga Highlights

Every day we offer morning and evening yoga classes. The morning class is about waking up and energizing your body and mind through postural practices ( asana) breathing methods and meditation to open the vast capacity of your body & mind.

Meditation Highlights

Learn the basics of sitting meditation under experienced local teachers.
Everyday wake up in the remote landscapes of Mustang and practice meditation

Trekking / Walking with awareness

Trek with intention. Learn about the incredible ability to implement mindful walking and touch the natural elements through prana practice. Know your inner sacred landscape.


Everyday discuss the relevance of Buddhism and Yoga as alining lineage in Nepal ( and the world)

If you are interested to learn more , or if you have a small group that would like to partake in this program please contact us at

Ground Floor Moksh Complex, Patan Studio.
Above Himalayan Java Coffee, Thamel Studio.
Jiva Cafe, Pokhara Studio.
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