This year Pranamaya is happy to connect with schools and offer Yoga and mindfulness meditation courses.

The purpose of this project is to introduce yoga & mindfulness to kids. The intention in bringing these practices to the classroom is to create more harmony and self-understanding within the individual student and the learning environment as a whole.

The nature of the practice is to progressively reveal greater insight into the inner workings of the body & mind so that the student becomes more self-reflective and conscious of their actions. Through body awareness practice, yoga, listening, reflecting, and meditating the student begins to understand how to focus. Students are told thousands of times to “ pay attention” but rarely are they taught “ how to pay attention” Yoga teaches students how to arrive in the body and be present with the emotions and feelings that arise. Yoga & Mindful education teaches students how to focus, how to be present, and how to deal with stress and anxiety. Research shows that mindfulness creates a more balanced, creative, focused, and resilient student. Ultimately the practice creates a sense of meaning, and a feeling of responsibility as a citizen of this interconnected world.

Anna Karuna at Pranamaya has develop a course that introduces body based practises of yoga and mindfulness exercises that cater to the needs of students.

If you are interested in offering a program at your school please contact us at

Susan Verde, the Author of the book “I am yoga” said: “Through simple ideas, movements and an awareness about yourself you can open yourself up and be anything.” I teach my kids yoga classes with this thought in the back of our mind challenging them to join me in imagining to fly like an airplane and to be strong and steady like a tree or a mountain. Together we will travel to the desert as a camel and navigate in a boat though rivers full of crocodile, fish, frogs around us. Together we can do anything!

Yoga helps kids to develop more body awareness and learn how to use their bodies in a healthy way. It has proven to build concentration and increase kids confidence and positive self-image being part of a healthy, non-competitive group.