This year Pranamaya is happy to connect with schools and offer Yoga and mindfulness meditation courses.

The purpose of this project is to introduce yoga & mindfulness to kids. The intention in bringing these practices to the classroom is to create more harmony and self-understanding within the individual student and the learning environment as a whole.

The nature of the practice is to progressively reveal greater insight into the inner workings of the body & mind so that the student becomes more self-reflective and conscious of their actions. Through body awareness practice, yoga, listening, reflecting, and meditating the student begins to understand how to focus. Students are told thousands of times to “ pay attention” but rarely are they taught “ how to pay attention” Yoga teaches students how to arrive in the body and be present with the emotions and feelings that arise. Yoga & Mindful education teaches students how to focus, how to be present, and how to deal with stress and anxiety. Research shows that mindfulness creates a more balanced, creative, focused, and resilient student. Ultimately the practice creates a sense of meaning, and a feeling of responsibility as a citizen of this interconnected world.

Anna Karuna at Pranamaya has develop a course that introduces body based practises of yoga and mindfulness exercises that cater to the needs of students.

If you are interested in offering a program at your school please contact us at

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Jiva Cafe, Pokhara Studio.
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