As a young Nepali boy I grew up observing Hindu and Buddhist practices like ritual- worshipping, chanting mantras, meditating, bhajan – kirtan and satsang on a daily base but it was only in 2003 that I began to develop my own interest in Yoga and discovered yoga to be one of finest things to do in life. That’s when I decided to direct my path towards yoga and became a dedicated yoga teacher.
As far as my background I did an M.A in Buddhist studies and world religion and continued with an extensive study of Patanjali yoga sutra and textbooks of hatha yoga. Then I followed the Sivananda yoga school, a yoga and naturopathy training and started studying Sanskrit language to find a deeper meaning in the ancient texts.
With all these different kinds of experiences and practices in my life, I finally realized that Yoga can be accomplished every moment in life and that there is no limitation for yogic practices. I sensed more freedom in life after that.
Hope to meet you in class and share my teachings, hoping for you to find your own yoga