About Manaswi Sangraula

Yogi Bhuwan

Bhuwan’s spiritual journey started from the cremation ground of pasupatinath temple when he first met his Guru (Master) “Dr.Yogi Maharaj Isha Nath Aghori Baba”. The charismatic character of Isha Nath changes his life. He learned and experiences from yogi’s life style and environment.

The devotion in yoga and spiritual blessed him with scholarship for “Yoga Teacher Training” when He met him yoga teacher, Heather Elton in Isha Nath place. He got training physically, mentally and spiritually with the diverse knowledge and skills.

For Him, Yoga is being with own body, mind and breath to connect with soul where we experience infinite light and happiness. He believes “Everything is with us the light, smile and happiness .let’s connect with each other, and let’s make it more blissful and beautiful”. He loves to share his skills, knowledge and experience for the welfare of all being without any boundaries and limitation. He welcomes you all with deep respect and gratitude.