About Manaswi Sangraula

I was exposed to yoga from early childhood through my father and grandma (who are still regular practitioners!) but it wasn’t until I grew an interest in meditation and Buddhist philosophy that I began to consider yoga as my very own practice. Since, yoga has supported me through various stages in my life and continues to teach me courage and compassion.

I offer a fluid and creatively sequenced asana practice, built with modifications for every level. My deepest intention for my students is to feel at home in their bodies, expressive on the mat, and able to access emotions during practice that we often learn to tune out during our day-to-day lives. I was certified under the guidance of Faith Hunter, a movement artist that combines the practices of vinyasa and kundalini, and since I have been trained in Power, Yin, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. My desire to bring yoga to diverse populations has led me to teach and learn from teens, seniors, survivors of domestic violence, and others in Washington DC, New York City, and now in Nepal.