I grew up as a very active child participating in gymnastics, dance and many sports. It was my interest in dance which first introduced me to Yoga and Pilates as part of my training. The final push for me to a diligent life of a daily yoga practice was the loss of my mother in January 2015 which pushed me to be more introspective and look for a greater meaning in life. This is when I put my career as a chemical engineer to the side and went to Rishikesh, India for an Ashtanga Yoga training (YTTC). I had initially planned to stay for 6 weeks and instead canceled my plane ticket home, ended an unhappy engagement and stayed in India for 6 months which eventually led me to renew my visa in Nepal. I went hiking around Mount Everest for over a month and fell in love with the magical energy of the Himalayas, and as soon as I returned from this month of meditation in nature I found love and ended up staying for most of the last 1.5 years.
Although yoga came to me in my 20s, gymnastics and dance have always been a huge part of my life and given me an eye for correct body form, alignment, posture, balance, coordination and movement. Inversions always came naturally to me, I used to play around with them before I even knew what asanas were or that I was doing yoga!
I want to share the positive changes in my life that I have gained through the practice of Ashtanga yoga. I believe deeply in Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga and spreading my knowledge especially of the 3 limbs: asana, pranayama and meditation. This practice has made me more disciplined, flexible, and stronger in the mind and body more than anything else before. I also love the freedom in teaching Vinyasa classes. My personally evolved yoga form is a Vinyasa Dance in which the asanas are choreographed to the music and am excited about sharing this!
In what I have come to learn and believe in is what S. Pattahbi Jois teaches that ‘yoga can cure all of the diseases of the body and mind through serious and thoughtful practice. I hope for everyone to age gracefully with dedication to practice and is why I pay strong attention to asana. A big part of my yogic lifestyle is food related. As our personal health and the health of the environment depend on what we eat. What can I say I’m a tree loving, plant eating foodie J ; a southern girl who grew up in a catering business and loves to cook local, plant based whole foods every day.
Growing up in the swamps and low lands of Louisiana (USA), moving to Nepal has been an incredible experience. I have found such a love for the mountains and experienced so many beautiful landscapes I couldn’t have imagined. Experiencing the beauty of India and Nepal has become part of my personal meditation where I find meaning in the Patanjali sutra 19, “Some people are born with true insight, whereas others attain it via a divine body or oneness with nature. ” Kathmandu is believed by many to have a special energy perfect for those on a yogic path and I feel blessed to have wandered here.

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