Kanchan is a calm, young and energetic yoga teacher in Kathmandu. He started the Yoga journey in this life at the age of 3 from the ASHRAM in Nepal and India  Uttrakhanda( Mother land of Yoga,Tantra and Spirituality). Staying in the Ashram and yogic family Kanchan got opportunities to learn and practice different techniques for body,mind and soul cleansing, Hatha Yog, KriyYog, Raj Yog, Bhakti Yog, Kundalini yog, Spiritual practices and Tantra practices.

After the Ashram life in Nepal and Indian  Kanchan came to Kathmandu and has been sharing his secret knowledge of yoga and tantra from Himalaya. Academically Kanchan has done 6 month Diploma in Hatha Yoga from the Balmiki Yoga University Nepal and 200 Hours Ashtanga Vinyasa from Mysore India..Kanchan is a graduate in Health Education and has master’s in Physical Education. Kanchan believes Yoga as system or discipline which purify the physical and subtle body, makes strong, directs into the practice of meditation and finally helps human to get such a level from where a soul stops going into birth and death cycle.  He believes Yoga and Tantra are the hidden and mysterious sciences  and enjoys  sharing his spiritual and overwhelming experience.