I first came to know yoga through my mother who practiced for over 20 years.

My father is Acupuncturist and so I grew up in an environment where health and wellness were a central part of life.

I left japan 2012 and spent time in Australia, Europe and other countries.

Yoga has been a constant companion through my travels around the world. When I met Ashtanga yoga in Nepal my life completely changed! Ashtanga yoga is dynamic practice that uses breath control techniques to flow from one asana to the next. Regular practice cleanses the body, calms the mind and generates incredible energy.

Ashtanga yoga became the main focus in my life after I discovered how much transformation and benefit it brought to my body and mind.

There is a saying in Ashtanga yoga that I like very much

“99% practice 1%theory”  – Sri K Pattabhi Jois

I have practiced Asthtanga mysore style practice in London, Berlin, Rishkesh and Mysore. I have also been introduced to many styles of yoga through my travels including; Dharma yoga, Sivananda yoga, Hatha yoga, Kundalini, jivamukti, acro, restorative  and yin yoga.

In my classes I like to focus on individual adjustments to help my students progress in their practice. I am a keen student of new styles of yoga and a dedicated teacher focusing on the Ashtanga method.

Ground Floor Moksh Complex, Patan Studio.
Above Himalayan Java Coffee, Thamel Studio.
Jiva Cafe, Pokhara Studio.
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