Yoga is a life style; eternal practice of the body and mind. Karma has destined me to follow the Ashtanga path which I started practicing in 2012. From the moment go I felt a such strong connection to this practice that I decided to do my RYT200 hours yoga teacher certificate with the America Yoga Alliance and RYS200 hours from The Yoga Alliance of Europe. Next to priority to my own Mysore practice but at the same time I tried to assist some very experienced teachers to learn a diversity of teaching styles from them. I have learnt so much from all those teachers. The Parampara we are passing through to every student has been well received by students. I believe that in a way, we have to stand on the mat every day to deal with the difficulty of our practice if we really truly want to gain a higher spiritual level by purify the body and mind. When the turbulence of the mind, manifested in various forms of mental activity, has settled down like the water’ s waves, clarity and integrity manifest and there is an experience of freedom. And to get to there, has to go through our own practice.

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