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Insight Yoga Retreat – Experience the Inner Silence

September 20, 2018 @ 8:00 am - September 24, 2018 @ 5:00 pm IST


Insight Yoga

Insight Yoga is a silent retreat that explores the roots of Buddhism and Hatha Yoga. What makes this retreat life changing is the practice of noble silence. Speaking with intention is at the heart of this retreat experience.

Refraining from excessive talk will allow you to observe how much energy is consumed in unnecessary chatter. Noble silence allows you to develop awareness and mindfulness about your actions of body, speech, and mind.

We live in a world fascinated by short term goals and quick solutions. When we come to face ourselves and look within we must have patience. Most of our habits have been with us for a long time and in order to really overcome these habitual patterns buried deep within our conscious and subconscious mind we must have patience and accept that this path is not a short term solution or a quick fix. The path of meditation goes right to the heart of being and asks us to familiarize ourselves with our nature.

Through this examination of mind and nature, we become aware of the fundamental wish for happiness.  A wish that all beings share. The desire to be free from suffering, discomfort, and discontent. To feel a wholeness and connectedness to life is at the heart of the practice.

This Retreat will focus on the foundational practices of meditation as taught by the Buddha. Calm abiding meditation (Shamatha) and Insight meditation ( vipassana)  are common to all schools of Buddhism

The formula is very simple; first calm the mind, then train the mind, then free the mind.

Calm abiding meditation is a great tool to relax an agitated and overactive mind. Insight meditation ( Vipassana) is a method in which the meditator uses his / her concentration as a tool by which his/ her awareness can chip away at the wall of illusion. A wall that cuts us off from the living light of reality. This is a gradual process of ever-increasing awareness into the inner workings of reality itself. Absolute reality.

Meditation is not escapism, we are not looking for methods to get out of our current situation and find a fantasy world that is more appealing. Meditation helps us touch the world more deeply. It softens us in order to experience more.

Simple application of Mantra will also be introduced. Mantras are very powerful for many reasons, particularly because they are a manifestation of our prana, 
prana and mind being directly related. We can release habitual karmic patterns through reputation of mantras. This creates space for insight to arise.

In this retreat you will learn how to move, sit and speak with awareness. Yoga sessions will be offered daily as a way to mingle the sitting practices and the flow of everyday life.

Your experienced teachers will lead daily philosophical discussions. During these sessions questions will be welcomed.

Take 3 days and give yourself the time to reflect, turn inward, and be silent. Perhaps you’ve always longed for a break, an opportunity to let you lips rest? For 3 days you have the opportunity to retreat, to turn inward and practice noble silence. In a supportive setting with the guidance of knowledgeable teachers; you will learn how to listen to your heart.

This retreat will be an opportunity to explore the shared roots of Buddhism and Yoga. Both paths require us to look at our habits and investigate what makes us do what we do? What makes us satisfied and what makes us content? What makes us happy?

Both Yoga and Buddhism suggest a practical approach to happiness; an empowering approach in which we can be the creators of our own wellbeing. Explore the roots of these profound philosophies. Be courageous enough to meet yourself with yourself. Engage in a timeless practice and discover your-self in a new light. Through yoga, meditation, and noble silence.


A few words about your teacher; Anna Egan 

I began practicing yoga about 12 years ago with the intention that is would help me understand the workings of the mind.  Meditation and Yoga became a process of discovery, a method to look deeply within human existence and find contentment. After spending some years studying Buddhist Philosophy at Rangjung Yeshe institute in Nepal, my Guru His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa inspired me to devote my time and energy to practice in retreat. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to complete several retreats in solitude in the remote mountains of India and Nepal.

I believe meditation is something that can be catered to any life style. It is a method to help us live more fully and deeply in every moment, no matter what our current situation.

By developing a regular yoga and meditation practice we organically stimulate creativity and relax the agitated mind. The effects of the practice ripple out into all dimensions of life. Books and and theories are helpful, but practice is the greatest teacher.

For me the the most simple explanation of meditation is to be present. In order to come to know our mind we must meditate. Meditation is the way to see our experience clearly and understand our mental and emotional habits. This retreat focuses on methods to bring the mind into stillness and allow for insight to arise. Generally speaking most of us spend our lives in endless activity, we find ourselves scattered everywhere in all directions. This retreat is an opportunity to bring our awareness back to the present and practice nobel silence.

Below is some practical information about this silent retreat in Nepal

The cost for this 5 day program is 495USD$.
This includes transportation to and from the monastery, all your meals, all your snacks, and of course all your classes and workshops.


Pharping has two main caves that are considered especially powerful because they are also associated with Guru Rinpoche, the teacher that established Buddhism in Tibet. The area is sacred to Hindus because of the Dakshinkali Temple associated with Shiva. The whole area embodies the interesting mix of Hinduism and Buddhism in Kathmandu.

Several Tibetan Budhhist masters have been key in the establishment of Buddhist Monasteries in Pharping. – Chagdud Tulku (recently passed away, autobiography entitled Lord of the Dance) and Chatral Rinpoche (one of the eldest and most revered meditation masters ). After these two set up their centers, there has  been a slew of new monasteries in the last 10-15 years. The Neydo Tashi Choling Monastery is the home of H.H Ngom Neydo Karma Chagme. This monastery gives education to many monks from remote areas of Nepal.


Home to 200 monks, Neydo Monastery is one of the most enchanting places in the Kathmandu Valley and close to many significant religious sites of Tibetan Buddhism. The lamas from the monastery decided to build accommodation for visitors on the monastery premises so that guest can learn about Buddhism and their monastery, and the income would help fund the education of the monks. The resort has spacious rooms, all with attached bathrooms, and is built in Tibetan style. The yoga hall has the view of the main monastery hall and the rooftop is also a great place for morning class with a beautiful view. You will enjoy the warm welcome and the shared accommodation in the vibrant Neydo Monastery.


During this retreat you will be served all vegetarian meals and plenty of tea and water throughout the day. Kunsang, the Tibetan chef, cooks a great fusion of Tibetan, Indian and Nepali vegetarian food. You will be energized with delicious meals prepared by this excellent chef.


What’s included

  • Transportation from our studio in Thamel to retreat location and back. Departure from Thamel on Mondays at 10:30am, return back on Wednesdays at 7 p.m.
  • Accommodation on twin sharing basis
  • All vegetarian meals, tea and water
  • Expert guidance from experienced and inspiring international retreat leaders
  • Use of yoga mats and yoga props
  • Diary and pen


Check in

Transport to the retreat departs at 10:30am from our studio in Thamel

Check out

Transport from the retreat generally arrived in Kathmandu by 7pm.

Meeting point

Pranamaya Yoga Studio in Thamel


Tour Bus from Pranamaya Thamel
Group size

8 – 16 persons.

Additional information

For more information send your questions directly to info@pranamaya.com
We are happy to assist you.


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September 20, 2018 @ 8:00 am
September 24, 2018 @ 5:00 pm
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