Padma Mudra

A Mudra Practice

Below is a very simple but profound practice. It is a method that will help you feel the essence of your heart, your seat of unconditional love.

“Padma” means lotus and in yoga the lotus is a symbol of the heart. Like the blooming lotus, the heart is unfolding and opening every time we practice. Ultimately it is a space of unconditional love. The name of the heart chakra is Anahata, which means “un-struck “. Unlike our emotional heart, the spiritual heart cannot be “broken”. As the heart chakra opens and blooms, we are able to embrace and appreciate all of life’s experiences. We learn to understand and value theses experiences (even the difficult ones) with grace and understanding. There is a great sense of compassion and communion at the heart. By creating this mudra with your hands the energy within is directed to the space in the chest and there is an unfolding and opening. You are now in a more open space, a receptive space to feel and embrace the deep energy of the heart. Breathe and enjoy the present moment! The love generated here is powerful. It is the power that dissolves fear. Embrace this fearless gesture of unconditional love.


Instructions to Practice “Padma Mudra“

  1. Sit comfortably and place your hands in prayer position at your heart.
  2. While keeping the base of the palms together, press you’re two little fingers gently together and press your thumbs together. Let the rest of your fingers stretch open like the petals of a lotus flower.
  3. Relax your shoulders back and down. Your elbows will be just slightly away from your body.
  4. Imagine being rooted down into the ground like the roots of a plant, and simultaneously feel the opening and expanding quality in the centre of your heart.
  5. Breathe Deeply and rest in the space of your heartimg_8954