Here at Pranamaya we invite you to explore yourself, because that is what yoga was created for. Yoga is a tool to clean, strengthen and invigorate our hearts, bodies, and minds. It is a system, philosophy, psychology, body practice, and a quest. And everyone is invited.

The best position to be in when you decide to begin a yogic journey is the place you inhabit right now. Bring yourself, your fears and your dreams, your strengths and your weaknesses. Yoga does not require you to pretend to be something you are not, nor that you master something before you have begun. Fluency will come with time and practice. Yoga assumes you have not found your destination. Because yoga is a vehicle and a journey: take a ride, we will teach you how to drive.

Our family is diverse and our teachers come from many different yoga traditions. In the beginning you are invited to explore what that means; to get to know the different practices and approaches. From there you might eventually feel drawn to build a deeper, more committed relationship to one particular style. The class descriptions on the website can give you some guidance with choosing classes. Our experienced teachers are also happy to talk to you about your expectations and needs, and advise you on which classes to try.

If you have found in yourself the dedication to show up, you have already made a huge leap. We will guide you through the rest.

Enjoy your journey towards peace, health and happiness!