May 12, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Asia/Kathmandu Timezone
Nrs 1500

Yoga beats Project Movement is a new concept where Yoga, Dance, music and human connections collide creating a magical and unforgettable experience.

The Yoga beats Project movement is a therapy founded and created by the  international Yoga and Dance teacher with over 10 years experience Pablo Gascon.
“My aim is to create a space where participants will feel safe and free, able to express themselves through movement, dance, breath work, interactions, concentration, yoga postures, partner and group massages and many more interesting processes like dancing for each other one to one and in the middle of a circle, eyes gazing, contact dance, animal movements, holding space for others, bringing alive the inner child, partner yoga and one to one hugging and big group cuddle. 
Music is one of the tools used to create the perfect space, the music changes people’s mood and can magically change you whole world perception, listen to different types of sound we are able to heal ourselves from stress, anxiety, lack of confident and anything relate to a psychological issue, I always like to invite a sound healer to create a space with didgeridoo or any other healing instruments, I also play didgeridoo. Throughout the session participants will feel connected and open-minded able to express themselves and their true nature. 
The possible benefits I’ve seen with people practicing Yoga beats Project are and increase in happiness, self confident, concentration, energy, fitness, compassion and kindness towards the self and others and feeling more free, alive and connected to each other. 
My teaching are based on the ancient Yoga scriptures fusion the modern teachings. This days everything is evolving as humans beings are evolving too, we have to adapt to the new era and flow with what is happening, the planet needs more compassion and kindness and one of the best ways to relate with each other is by connecting on a deeper level.
Join The Yoga Beats Project: a magical experience not to be missed, feel happy and connected to yourself and others”.
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