October 1, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 7:00 pm Asia/Kathmandu Timezone


In Nepali, mayameans love and love is the essence of many spiritual teachings. This is at the heart of Maya Practice and love is what we tend to when we practice yoga. And just like all forms of love, yoga is a relational practice, whether it be with our own body, our breath, our mind, or other people. Love takes both courage and surrender and this is what our practice supports.


We know yoga is a process, not an achievement or a destination so we wanted to create a program that gives students a solid foundation from which to continue a lifetime of exploring yoga. We also know that continued connection and support to community and fellow practitioners is essential too, when committing to the practice or teaching of yoga. This is why we offer consistent ways to connect even after the training is over.


Our wish is to know you, welcome you into our community and support you in whatever way you are bringing yoga into the world. We recognize that students come into our trainings with their own wealth of life experience and intentions and we want to make this an individual experience for each of you. We limited to 16 people and spend time with each of you individually throughout the training.


What we offer that makes our program unique:

  • Two-months of weekly support calls flowing the 3-week intensive
  • The option to continue online teachings after the training is over
  • An experience to connect with the sacred Himalayan region of Nepal; a place that holds the roots of Eastern spiritual practices
  • An opportunity to consult a Tibetan doctor on-site
  • An invitation to co-create an inspiring and supportive world-wide community of yoga-teachers
  • A training led by two dedicated yoga practitioners with 35 years of combined experience
  • Two individual sessions with Anna or Jessie throughout the 3 weeks and two individual calls in the following year after the training
  • Discounts on our future offerings, including online trainings and our 300-hour yoga teaching certification


Our training takes place in a retreat centre surrounded by the majestic mountains of Nepal. At the centre, you have access to teachings and consultation with the owner who is highly skilled and considerate Tibetan doctor.  Transportation (from Kathmandu) to centre, accommodation and meals are covered.

Early bird special: $2800 (before April 2019)

Cost: $3100 (after April 2019)

A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve your spot.

Please contact us for more information. We can also set up a Skype call if you want to connect in person before deciding to take our training. We look forward to hearing from you!

Included in the training:

  • Asana – standing poses, forward bends, backbends, twists, inversions, restorative, savasana, pre-natal modifications, working with injuries & beginners
  • Meditation – regular morning practice (optional)
  • Pranayama – study and practice
  • Yoga history & philosophy
  • Teaching with heart – use of language, voice, and presence
  • Introduction to chakras, bandhas, drishti, and mudras
  • Assisting & adjusting
  • Teaching practicum & feedback
  • Groups discussions on various topics
  • Business of yoga

Historically, different lineages of yoga practice have intersected with the yoga practices of Buddhism. They have inspired one another and made each refine its philosophical understanding and techniques. In today’s world we find the profound teaching of all these approaches to yoga easily available and beautifully complementary.

This training will be taught from the perspective of yogic lineage running through Buddhism and other Indian traditions. This training is for students who have already established a significant discipline within the tradition of Yoga. The course will highlight the historical understanding of contemporary yoga. There will be great emphasis placed on genuinely upholding the ethical values of the tradition, and developing personal experiential understanding of the practices so that you can teach from your own unique perspective. We will also explore ” Spiritual ecology ” and the impact of our actions on the bigger sphere of existence and the environment. “Spiritual leadership within Community ” and ” Finding your Voice” as a teacher.

This course will Segway into a 300 hour Teacher Training. Our view is that 500 hours is a bare minimum for the skills, knowledge and insight required to share the linage and teachings of yoga. If you believe you are a life long ” student” then this course will definitely facilitate an atmosphere of curiosity , self exploration, and self understanding. The purpose of a YTT is not to become a perfect ” performer of Asana” the purpose of the course is to transform yourself so that you can help transform the world around you. Becoming a yoga teacher is a gift. Our intention os to support authenticity and curiosity in our students hearts and minds, and ultimately to support spiritual development on the path.