Nurture and Nourish Retreat
March 30, 2018 @ 8:00 am – April 2, 2018 @ 7:00 pm Asia/Kathmandu Timezone
Nrs 25000

Spring is the best time to nourish and nurture your body. Nature is rejuvenating from the winter months that recently passed and new life is beginning to take root. If you are interested in more vibrant health then please take the time to read about this fantastic offer by Annamaya & Pranamaya.

This long weekend retreat is an opportunity to revive your winter body and clean up your eating habits by learning how to shift to a wholesome plant based diet.

Spring is traditionally the best time to clean up your body with lighter healthier foods by introducing detoxifying juices, herbs, and plants that will restore and nourish. By eating in harmony with nature and enjoying as much living foods as possible will create a more vibrant body and mind. This long weekend is filled with opportunities to learn and grow.

What you will learn with Plant Based chef Niccola Orr

-Nicola Orr will be offering daily workshops about Plant based nutrition.

-She will highlight the essential ingredients that you need to add to your daily diet in order to have high functioning organs and optimal vitality!

-Delicious Plant Based Foods with recipes and instructions on how to prepare the most savory & satisfying meals

-Cleansing soups, juices, spices, and plants

– Nicola will give you great tips for more healthy options in the kitchen

– You will understand how food can be a source of enrichment and nourishment rather then a list of restrictions!

– Nicola loves sharing her passion to nourish the body with wholesome plant based foods that are nutritious and delicious

What you will learn about Yoga & Mediation with Anna Karuna Egan

– Anna will offer daily Yoga and Mediation Sessions in a beautiful Jungle setting.

– You will learn about yogic Cleansing practices for body and mind

– Anna will also teach you specific yogic practices that increase circulation and blood flow so that your digestion is working optimally
– And finally we will offer a workshop on mindful eating







About your instructors

Nicola Orr

Nicola Orr is a private chef who’s greatest passions are food, yoga, nature and merging ancient tradition with modern wisdom. With a huge calling to see the world, she used her skills to work around the world, discovering new ingredients, recipes, techniques and nutritional ideas on her journey. Consolidating this on her return with an intensive year in culinary school, she then became the chef for the Quiksilver surf team, where she was introduced to ‘clean’ eating, gluten free and dairy free. Since then, she has worked in Monaco, Aspen and London for clients requiring specialist nutrition and complex diets, and has loved developing delicious new recipes for healthy wholefood living. Her passion is to share her knowledge to empower others with the joys of choosing real food and life-styles that nourishes the mind, body and soul

Anna Karuna Egan

I’m a dedicated Yoga practitioner and am humbled by the opportunities to share this profound practice with others. I am also very enthusiastic about eating as close to nature as possible. I have been exploring longevity practices and foods in recent years and I’ve had wonderful life changing experiences by shifting elements of my diet and including more living foods.

I came to practice yoga because of my interest in meditation. Sitting still and observing my mind I felt a sense of being without needing to do. The capacity to sit became the greatest tool for self-inquiry and a deeper understanding of all life. With a strong motivation to understand the workings of my mind, I spent many months and years in solitary retreat in the Himalaya’s. Yoga was a big part of my experience. For me, Asana is a moving meditation and the human body is the vehicle through which this transformational path unfolds.

I believe that most of our life is driven by habit. Yoga practice is about moving beyond our habitual way of being. Moving beyond our conditioned responses to life in order to live in an organic spontaneous way. Gently opening to an unfolding reality within our own body.

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