March 2, 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Asia/Kathmandu Timezone
Nrs 1500

The School as a Cultural Exchange

 Baby Massage according to the Method by Nasma Scheibler-Shrestha is based on the traditions and the culture of the Newar, a people of Nepal. This method has been developed further in Europe and has been tested and refined in the course of several decades. The fact that Nasma’s method is now being adopted in Nepal in order to replace what has been forgotten is a beautiful example for cultural exchange moving in both directions, from South to North and from North to South.

Method of Teaching and Massage Method

 In the course of many years of development the school has created a method of teaching which is  rational and systematic.


  • Introductory conversations and massage demonstrations precede the actual practice.
  • The massage movements are divided into clearly formulated steps.
  • Each step is described in the text, repeated in a drawing and further illustrated by a photograph.
  • In order to consolidate what has been learned, parents can take home a textbook to study on their own.
  • A step by step presentation on a poster helps simplify the practice.
  • Fathers are also made to participate – this has been a great success.

This approach to teaching has proved successful in the West in the past 35 years. It is essentially based on logical argumentation and thus lends itself to systematic structuring and easy teaching.

Each step will be demonstrated and practiced together..

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