Directions to Pranamaya Yoga Studios in Patan, Thamel and Boudha, Kathmandu, Nepal

Please click map to see the locations of our three yoga studios in Kathmandu

Pranamaya Yoga studio Thamel

The Thamel studio is located in the attic of 1905 Restaurant, behind Global IME Bank – look out for our purple Pranamaya signs on the entry gate of 1905. The road the studio is on is called Kantipath.

Coming from central Thamel, walk in the direction of the Garden of Dreams and the palace. When you reach the crossroads with the traffic lights or traffic police, turn right and stay on the right side on the road. You will pass Global IME Bank and just after the bank there is a gate and driveway to the right with a Pranamaya signboard.

Follow the driveway, follow around to the right and next to the carpark you will see a little bridge leading into a beautiful garden. The studio is located on the attic of the restaurant building. Walk past the reception of the restaurant and you will see the stairs to the attic behind the glass partition. Also see google maps

Pranamaya Yoga Studio Patan

The Pranamaya Studio is located inside the Moksh Complex, Pulchowk. The alleyway to the Moksh Complex is opposite the well-known St. Mary’s School, and just next to Tamarind Restaurant.

Coming from the main road (Pulchowk), please walk past New Orleans, Roadhouse and Chapter 9 restaurants on Jamsikhel road, and turn right into the alley way before Tamarind restaurant. After 30 meters turn left into the driveway of the Moksh Complex. We are located next to the Bookworm Bookshop and the door to the studio reception is in the far left corner of the carpark See also google map

Pranamaya Yoga Studio Boudha

The Pranamaya Boudha Studio is located in an alleyway of Jorpati road. An easy landmark is a well-known big tree called Pipalbot. The studio is straight across the road from this tree: you will spot it as the only mature tree by the road in this area. When you see the tree, the entrance to the alley with the studio is directly opposite on the other side of the road.

If you come to Boudha, please pass the famous Boudha Gate, the gate to the big stupa, on your left and keep walking on the main Jorpati road for approx 4 minutes. You first walk past Sunrise Bank, then the Stupa Community Hospital and just after the Green Hotel you will see a purple Pranamaya signboard and an alleyway to the left. The alleyway is straight across from the big Pipalbot tree. The studio is located at the end of this alleyway.