Consecration of Boudhanath stupa


The Eyes of Compassion Gaze over the City of Kathmandu Once again!

Hundreds of devotees were present for the consecration of the Boudhanath stupa here in Kathmandu. It was an event filled with unfathomable compassion and love. The Stupa was glowing. People from all over the world joined to pray and honour the power of this sacred site. Boudhanath has been a place of pilgrimage for tantric practitioners for decades and after the earthquake in 2015 the stupa was damaged enough that the entire top column needed to be replaced. Yesterday thousands of people witnessed the strength and determination of communities uniting and working together to rebuild this sacred site. It was a joyous day.

The tantric rituals that took place were a means to infuse the physical structure (the elements) with the energy of the Buddha’s enlightened mind. A stupa is a symbolic representation of enlightement. The word consecration literally means that which is association with the sacred. Yesterday the newly rebuilt stupa in Boudhanath was blessed by the infinite compassion of the Buddha. Masters from all the respective lineages of Buddhism recited prayers for the benefit of all sentient beings. It was a beautiful and moving experience.

For me personally; the stupa is electric. It turns something on. An inner battery gets re-charged and there is an irresistible sensation of warmth. When I practice in front of the stupa there is an experience of wholeness. I feel nurtured. The seeds of compassion, and wisdom are woken up. I become charged with energy to pursue this uncommon path of self-liberation. The power of this sacred site is hard to describe. Yesterday at the consecration of the Bounath stupa the inherit goodness of humanity filled the air. The ambience was remarkable! And once again Nepal helped me feel this incredible love and kindness that is the essence of  life!