This week Pranamaya will introduce the beautiful, colourful and high quality yoga bags to our collection of yoga apparel. Pranamaya is a proud partner of Chetana women’s organization.
In Nepali language Chetana means “awareness”.  The practice of yoga is ultimately about developing awareness in all aspects of our life.

This organization was started in 2008 by a lady named Tara. The organization was a means to support the training of women to develop skills in the crafts & trades industry. Empowering women to master a craft and have a significant means to support themselves and eventually teach others.

The products from Chetana are all cotton and completely handmade. The twenty-two women working at Chetana dye the cotton, weave it and turn it into colourful, high quality,  bags, conserving the century old craft of weaving and natural dying techniques.

Chetana vouches for fair salaries and working conditions for all women involved in their programs. When you buy a bag you contribute to the empowerment of women in Nepal. Our lovely teacher Lisa knows and supports this project for over eight years. Please contact her if you have any questions


May all be auspicious