3 Ways to Live an Intentional Life

3 ways to live an Intentional Life

Take a moment and consider how you’re your intention has the potential to transform your actions and how that could change your life?

What does it mean to live an intentional life?

In the teachings that I study and practice great focus is placed on motivation and intention. This act is a powerful tool to open and expand the narrow mind. It’s a tool to transform habitual thought patterns and ultimately increase wisdom and compassion.

Most of us follow patterns that we’ve developed over the years. Our habitual nature influences the ways we perceive the world. Most of our decisions and actions are exercised with good reason and for practical purposes. But ultimately life is for a greater objective then logistics and practicalities. Life is magical; its a display of infinite possibilities!!!

Did you know that your brain processes 400 billion bits of information a second. BUT, we are ONLY aware of 2,000 bits of that information. What does this mean? What we are perceiving and processing is a fraction of reality?!? We are essentially blind. We can’t see life and reality. The teachings within yoga and buddhism ask us to develop ” insight” . These teachings ask us “to see” the reality state of life.

I’m suggesting that by developing an intentional life we may be creating the conditions to open up to reality……..and here’s the other fact about reality… It’s subjective. This means the way you feel about what you perceive influences the way you actually process information.

Long story short here. I’m saying that you have the potential to transform your reality through your motivation.

Here are 3 very simple ways to start living an intentional life.

In the morning when you wake up, and before you check your email, your facebook, your instagram, you’re twitter etc. before you start moving your lips, pause and reflect on the present opportunity to move through the next 24 hours with an open mind, conscious movement, awareness, love, compassion and intention. We all move through our days awake but how much awareness is there?

What if your intentions to eat, work, love, create, and learn were all based on a motivation to support well-being for yourself, but also ALL BEINGS?

step 1 – Waking up
Take a few minutes to feel your senses receiving the day. Observe your body, and notice the first thoughts that come to mind. Consider that you have the opportunity to move through the next 24 hours with conscious movement, and awareness. Remind yourself that this is a great gift; this practice of presence. Take a few deep breaths. And just sit with the breath. Feel what comes to your mind organically. Where do you want to direct your energy today? Say to yourself;

“breathing in,
I embrace this day with an attitude of mindfulness,
I vow to awaken to life,
I vow to …….( set your own personal intention) “

Step 2- Check in at Lunch
At lunch take a mindful moment and remind yourself of the intention you created in the morning. Take a break and find your breath again. Just breath. Feel the intention return. Without judgment see how your practice has unfolded.

Step 3- Before Bed
Lie down in bed. Place your hands over your heart and ask yourself,
“ what’s been happening today? “ Consider the intention you set at the beginning of the day. Then consider an over arching theme of your life. What lies at the centre of your life? Try to look at your experiences honestly, but without harsh judgment. Honesty is a prerequisite to genuine compassion and love.

Take 10-20 to practice very simple mindful breathing.
Before hitting the pillow make the vow to wake up in the morning and begin to live an intentional life!